Author Interview with Constance Sharper

Today, I have the talented author of Airborne, Constance Sharper, on my blog to answer my burning questions about her book and her upcoming projects. If you’re curious about her awesome book, Airborne, you can either read my review or read on. Enjoy everyone!


Describe Airborne in 5 words:

Harpie meets girl. Chaos ensues.

What really piqued my interest in Airborne are the concept of Harpies. What kind of research did you have to do about these mythical creatures?

Once I decided on harpies, I wrenched out my old history books. People best know harpies from Greek mythology but harpies or harpie-like creatures are seen all over the world. In France, I found statues that were ‘vicious women’ with human bodies, bird wings, and talons. This is actually the best image I had for harpies and seeing this as a more attractive route, I used the creative spin in my book. I made them thin and tall (using my freshman class in physiology) to make common sense of their flying ability. And honestly, what would a paranormal YA book be without making them cute? I only kept the most universal ideas about harpies and that was the nasty, prideful attitudes and the talons (resembling more of sharp nails).

What made you choose Harpies among other mythical creatures?

Well, I wanted a creature that hadn’t been done much before. And as far as I know, harpies haven’t been used anywhere in modern YA fantasy. This gave me a lot more wiggle room to creatively spin how harpies are seen. It also helps Airborne stand out amongst the other books on the shelves.

Avery is such a fun and relatable character to read. Are your characters related to anyone you know personally or you just made them all up?

I actually just made them all up and the story really developed them into who they are today. Apparently taking a normal girl and throwing her into a paranormal world will do that.


Airborne series is the first book you’ve published. Do you have any advice to all aspiring self-published writers out there?

There is a lot of fear going into the indie route, but everyone should know that self-publishing isn’t the world it used to be. I find that even as an indie author, you will be taken seriously. There is a large populous of readers out there that don’t differentiate between Indie and Traditional—but keep in mind this is a fact that could work for or against you. People give you a fair chance to shine but you have to work harder than an author that has an entire editor, agent, and marketing team behind them. So be prepared to while also keeping in mind there are a bunch of people out there to help you. Find them, use them, and of course appreciate them. Create your own support team. Work and rework on your craft, and know the experience you gain is absolutely priceless. Especially if you’re ever planning to go back into the traditionally published route because you’ve had the opportunity to learn more about the publicity and editorial aspect than the traditional authors. Knowing this, never get discouraged if you think you took the wrong route. You’re only getting more experience to bring yourself to the top.

What are you currently working on? Can you share us a little bit about it?

Well, I have a number of things in the works. Right now, I’ve just finished Grounded, the second book in The Airborne Saga. I’m kicking off another series in early 2012 (think black magic, witches, and scandal) and doing a stand-alone novel for charity. I can’t offer many details because the details are still changing. But for right now, catch Grounded in stores come August.

Anything you’d like to say to your readers?

I suppose this would be a great time for me to reiterate my appreciation for those who have supported me. I know the conception in the reader world is usually that no author will know or care about their readers but (at least in my case) this isn’t true. I’m very down to earth and there isn’t a day I don’t remember that its support from readers like this who got me where I am today.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, Constance!


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