Where She Went by Gayle Forman

When I started rebranding my blog, one of the first books that I talked about early on is Gayle Forman’s If I Stay. Reading back my post, I realized that I’ve failed to mention the tiny fact that it’s a duology. Although I suppose some of you may have already known that, For the sake of those doesn’t, it is, in fact, a duology. And today, I’m going to talk about its sequel, Where She Went.

I remember after finishing If I Stay in one sitting and the next day before I went to work, I dropped by a local bookstore to pick up my copy of Where She Went. The night after my shift was done, I devoured its pages. However, beyond my enthusiasm, I was more than curious as to how the story would go, especially after discovering the fact that Adam narrates the story this time. And that alone is the main reason why I wanted to read the book.

To those who have read the first book, we all knew what Mia did to him. I was half confused and half infuriated just like Adam was. But as the story progresses in the sequel, it enlightened me of not only as to why Mia did it but at the same time, the full magnitude of the aftermath when the love of his life walked out on him and with no explanation at that.

In Where She Went, it revolves around Adam, who has become successful rockstar three years after the events from the first book, but behind his accomplishments, he’s struggling with depression and anxiety. And whether he admits it or not, he’s basically still shadowed by the memories of the past, especially Mia’s, and he couldn’t seem to get over that after all this time. There were also glimpses from the past which I immensely enjoyed. And also I appreciate the aspect of getting to know Adam’s household and his relationship with his band. I thought it was a significant part of the story because it only made him more relatable and completely fleshed out. Finally, the closure we were all waiting for was anything but less than perfect.

It was completely engaging and truly a wild ride of emotions! The characters felt so real and it’s not impossible to feel for them and that’s just another testament as to how wonderful of a writer Gayle Forman is.

Where She Went is easily one of my favorite Contemporary reads. I must’ve read it three or four times and I still get the shivers and the emotion. So in that case, if you haven’t read If I Stay yet, what are you waiting for? Get your copy and then read Where She Went. It will not disappoint!

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