Ruin & Rising by Leigh Bardugo

Out of the three books, Ruin and Rising was my top favorite when I first finished the series. After reading it for the second time around, I’ve decided that it is definitely my personal favorite. It felt like the action started off from the very beginning of the story and it kept on getting better as I turn the pages. The plot twists were much bigger in this one! Bardugo was basically throwing bombshell one after another. Even though I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the ending that much, I thought it was a good fantasy overall.

Apart from the incredible world-building, the characters had given me all the feels! This series had introduced me to such great and memorable characters such as the Darkling and Nikolai. Despite everything, I just feel for them. They are such absorbing characters! OK don’t get me wrong, Alina and Mal made some good developments on this book. Particularly Mal as he was able to redeem himself after being such an utter frustration on Siege and Storm. He made some realizations and grew from his mistakes so good for him. However, compared to the two former characters, they didn’t really stick out that much to me.

As I have mentioned, the Grisha trilogy is a decent YA fantasy story and Ruin and Rising is an enjoyable and adequate finale. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an exciting fantasy read with amazing world-building and decent characters.

I am currently reading Six of Crows and it’s keeping me hooked so far. I am hoping to meet other characters from this trilogy in there. See you on my next review!

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