Bandits by L.M. Preston

Title: Bandits
Author: L.M. Preston
Publication Date: June 1, 2011
Publisher: Phenomenal One Press
Pages: 348
Source: From Author
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Summary via Goodreads:

Daniel’s father has gotten himself killed and left another mess for Daniel to clean up. To save his world from destruction, he must fight off his father’s killers while discovering a way to save his world.

Time is running out, and Daniel must choose to either walk in his father’s footsteps or to reinvent himself into the one to save his world.

When author, L.M. Preston, first offered me to review this book, I must admit that there was a slight hesitation in my mind because during that time, I haven’t read a book in Sci-Fi Fantasy genre yet. I figured maybe I should start reading Sci-Fi Fantasy books, so in the end, I accepted her offer. After reading her book, I realized that accepting Preston’s offer was one of the best decisions I’ve made because Bandits is one wild ride of adventure and now one of my favorite reads!
First of all, I am so impressed by Preston’s writing style. The story and characters felt so alive to me, which I think is really essential in a type of stories like this where pretty much every minute has something going on. The description of a planet or situation up until the characters’ emotion was perfectly done that my mind’s eye could clearly picture and feel it. Preston did not use complex words or try to twist the words into complicated ones, it was an easy read yet it was so impressive and absorbing at the same time and I commend Preston for that. In addition, Preston’s wild imagination and creativity was really powerful hence the riveting and original plot of the story.
Although this book has it all: intriguing mystery, knee-buckling romance with humor (courtesy of Faulk mostly)  that will not fail the readers, my most favorite part of the story was its electrifying and breathtaking action scenes! I LOVE action scenes! I am craving for it and Preston gave it to me and some more! The pacing was excellent too, no page will bore the reader because every page is filled with vivacity!
The characters in the story has their own distinct and resonating voice, most especially the main protagonist, Daniel. I liked the fact that he’s not just physically tough but he’s also a smart guy. I also enjoyed the other characters like Jade, Nickel, Gabe and Faulk, especially Faulk! Oh my God! He’s so hilarious even though sometimes he doesn’t really mean to. Plus, their bond and loyalty to each other was really nice. The romance between Daniel and Jade was a healthy mix of sweetness and intensity. It adds a special flavor on the story.
Bottomline: I loved this book and I felt satisfied till the last page. I’m giving this 5 out of 5 stars and I strongly would recommend this to all YA Sci-Fi Fantasy junkies who also have interest in pirates, treasures with great action and adventure!

*I received this review copy free of charge from author, L.M. Preston, in exchange for a sincere and honest review.

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