Muggle Reads Meets the Big Bad Wolf

I know that this is such a late post. But I haven’t made any entry about my visit at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale and the books I’ve managed to score so let me ramble about it.

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is the biggest and most affordable book sale in the world according to their website. And I am happy to report that this is true! The book sale has been going on for 10 years now mainly on Indonesia and Thailand, but it was only their second time here in Manila. It was held in World Trade Center in Pasay City and they were open for 24 hours from February 22 to March 4. Sounds like every book enthusiast’s day dream!

I always want to be prepared in these kinds of things and so a few days before the event, I googled some tips on how to survive and make the most of it. Especially as something as huge as the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. Most of the articles suggested that it is ideal to go there within the first few days to score the best books. It made a lot of sense considering the 50%-90% discount that they offer, many people would want to go there to get the first dibs. After checking our schedules, the boyfriend and I decided to go there on the first day, February 22nd. Fortunately, it was my day off from work although I came from a night shift. I didn’t mind though because being the sleepiest person that I am, I knew that I would be able to take a nap on the way there. And certainly, I did.

We arrived at the World Trade Center around 7 pm. We managed to find a good parking spot too. We planned to eat dinner first because we were hungry from the long drive and also because we walked past and caught a glimpse of the food hall in the venue.

Of course, that didn’t happen. When we entered the entrance hall and saw people getting in so eagerly, I naturally got jealous and couldn’t stand to waste another precious moment. And when I finally entered book full of room, I died and went straight to heaven.

I was so ready and pumped up to comb through books after books. It’s one of my favorite activities. Initially, I checked the General Fiction area because it was the first booth that I saw. But then after seeing the Young Adult fiction section, I quickly made a beeline for it.

To be honest, I had a high expectation of coming in at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. I heard a lot of good things about it and it was incredibly hyped up by many book lovers. Though I hate to say this, within an hour of scouring the warehouse, it didn’t really impress me that much. I don’t even want to talk about their “best-seller” section because it distresses me every time I think about it.

One of the things I enjoyed, though, is their discounts. They were true to their word-up to 90% of discounts! I bought a paperback for only 190 pesos and most of the hardcovers are only 230 pesos! I also appreciate the fact that they have a lot of back titles especially the ones that are difficult to find on a local bookstore. The books were organized as well and were arranged by genre. The food hall is conveniently stationed right by the cashier. It was like after half a million minutes of standing and waiting for your turn to get your books ringed up, there’s a prize at the end of the tunnel waiting for you. Stalls after stalls of good food. Despite it being a public event, the rest rooms were surprisingly neat and tidy. Although I’m not entirely sure if it was because only a few customers actually took time to get a bladder break. Also, I really like their price tags! It’s not super sticky to the point that it can ruin your book’s cover when you removed them.

On the other hand, their book selection was pretty much a letdown. At first, I was confused because I’ve read that there were also going to be new titles available. Unfortunately, I didn’t really see any of them. Or maybe it was my fault because I kind of expected they’d have new titles per genre? Anyway, they didn’t. Anyway, I’m generally disappointed in this aspect. Now, they do have a ton of stocks of Rick Riordan’s, Rick Yancey’s and Patrick Ness’ book. Most of these authors write a series of books. In the book sale, they had stocks of the second and third and fourth book… but where on earth is the first book in the series? Personally, I will be eternally confused and peeved on bookstores who sell a sequel of a certain trilogy or series without having a stock of the first book. How can you live like that? You might as well just spoil the entire series for me. That’s a torment for the book buyer. Ugh.

Having said all of that, I can’t really say that it was a bad or just an okay experience for me as a first goer. When I went to the book sale, I was going through something and I thought going there would lift my spirits up and it certainly did. Despite the cons I’ve mentioned above, being around books makes me happy in general. It makes me feel like I’m in my natural habitat 🙂

Besides, I did score a handful of good titles! The ones that are hard to find in local bookstores and four of them are in fact on my wishlist! These books are the result of nearly 5 hours of combing through books and I must say that I am pretty lucky to snag a copy of them.

I’ve always wanted try something by Zadie Smith so I picked up Swing Time. There were a lot of Zadie Smith books scattered around the warehouse like White Teeth and NW. I also managed to find the book two and three of the Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness: Monsters of Men and The Ask and The Answer. Again, I’ve been wanting to get a hold of these books for the longest time but I had a hard time finding one. The Walled City and Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin are both on my wishlist. There are a lot of good things about these books and I cannot wait to start reading them! Plus, I found a book that I think I would enjoy and that is The Death and Life of Zebulon Finch Vol 1: At Edge of Empire by Daniel Kraus. The premise is enticing as much as the cover!

I just wish I found a copy of The Knife of Never Letting Go. I must’ve rounded the Young Adult fiction section at least twice just find one but no luck. But at least I can cross these off my wishlist.

Have you been to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale? What are the books you’ve managed to snag? 🙂

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