Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Creepy, imaginative and thrilling! When I grabbed my copy of Coraline I did not know what to expect mainly because this was my first Neil Gaiman read. I bought the book simply because of the premise. I love books with a concept like this. It somehow reminded me of Narnia, of magical doors and enchanting places (except in Coraline’s story, it was a house), and a darker version of Alice’s journey down the rabbit hole.

I became an instant fan of Neil Gaiman after reading this book. He is an amazing story-teller and he knows how to keep you in your toes, and there is something about the way he writes that genuinely charms me in many ways. I also enjoyed the behind-the-scenes bit about how Gaiman wrote the book for his daughters to send the message, “that being brave didn’t mean you weren’t scared. Being brave meant you were scared, really scared, badly scared, and you did the right thing anyway.” And also the story about how Gaiman came up with the name Coraline, which was actually due to a typographical error but he “knew it someone’s name. I wanted to know what happened to her.”

As I have mentioned, I’ve always enjoyed stories like Coraline’s where the protagonist gets sucked into a different world or dimension. The world building in this story is truly marvelous and spooky at the same time. The characters are compelling and interesting to read as well. I absolutely love Coraline’s curiosity for just about everything and how much she’s grown in the story. She’s exactly the kind of heroine I would want to get know. While this book is categorized as a middle grade, there certainly are underlying themes in this story that adults can relate to.

Overall, I truly loved this book! I’m glad that I read this book before watching the movie. In fact, I only found out about its movie adaptation two days after I was done reading it. This is definitely highly recommended!

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